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Infrared Thermal Imaging is a tried and true means of data acquisition and analysis in many fields of expertise and has recently expanded into the Building Sciences industry for risk assessment and failure analysis. We utilize thermal imaging cameras to perform infrared roof moisture surveys. With these tools, we are able to "see" where moisture is trapped within the roof system. The survey is performed after sundown to allow thermal differences or “anomalies” to occur once the air and roof surface temperatures reach a state of equilibrium. We use this information to determine the extent of potential moisture intrusion at various affected areas of the roof membrane.

During the day, moisture within the roof insulation is heated and then it retains that heat into the night longer than the dry insulation. This results in thermal anomalies that can be detected by our infrared cameras. These anomalies are then considered as suspect wet areas and are outlined on the roof surface with spray paint. Roof cores can be taken in both dry and suspect wet areas to verify the instrument readings. Finally, the locations of the anomalies and the test cuts are marked on a roof plan.

Pinnacle Limited offers this new technology using Documented Practices and Procedures to pinpoint and expose the damaging effects of many building issues without the need for expansive and costly destructive testing methods. Thermal imaging allows us to complete fast and accurate data acquisition and analysis by utilizing non-invasive techniques.

Infrared Thermal Imaging

  • Provides a cost efficient way of obtaining data for analysis
  • Minimizes the need for a broad spectrum of destructive testing
  • Can be utilized on most building components, structural, roof systems, mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems, etc.
  • Identifies, maps and provides a documented record of findings
  • Allows for more accurate decision making




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