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Roof DamageA roof is one of the most vulnerable places on the house or building. It takes all of the weather, wind, and extreme conditions. This is why it is the roof that is a frequent focus of insurance claims, but it is also something that an adjuster might have the proverbial "field day" assessing.

Why is that? Well, you may put in a claim because a recent storm brought down trees on the roof or lifted shingles, but can you prove that it was the storm that led to the damage?

An insurance adjuster is not your advocate, he or she is the employee of the insurance company and it will only earn them points with their employer to keep costs down. Thus, it is left up to you to present a strong case for comprehensive coverage.

Before you panic, however, you should know that you can hire a public adjuster of your own, and they WILL be your advocate. This is someone who is proficient at the entire insurance claim and negotiation process, and they can even help you put together a pre-loss package that instantly proves that damages to a roof were not pre-existing and were entirely due to a recent weather issue or disaster.




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