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If you own a business, you need power. Running water, propane, telephone services and other utilities are also included in the term "power" as well. So, what do you do when an outage of some kind leads to a loss of business? How can you recover a day or more of profits?

That is often the reason to get insurance known as "off premises utility service" coverage. This is going to guarantee that you don't end up with empty hands for something that you had no control over. The problem with the coverage is that it is as open to interpretation by the adjusters as any other sort of coverage, and this can mean that you don't get an adequate amount of compensation.

How do you prevent this? You work with a public adjuster to submit your claim. They understand the proverbial "ins and outs" of insurance policies and will prevent the adjuster from selecting to small of a sum for your settlement.

The trick, or course, is to be sure that you do have this coverage. A pre-loss planning meeting with a public adjuster is the ideal way to discover the range of coverage you have and to learn what you can expect during any sort of disaster or crisis.




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