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Other Causes of Failure or DamagesOther Types of Damages

Installation Errors

Installing a commercial roof system is not a suitable activity for amateurs. While the installation of most roofs can be basic in theory, the devil is in the details, and it is much more complicated than most people would assume. Roofing contractors have great responsibility – responsibility that extends well beyond making sure a roof is leak-proof when the job is finished.

Unfortunately, there are little or no barriers to entering this industry and no prerequisites in order to certify oneself as an experienced roofing contractor. Roof installation is hard work, and given the extreme competition and shortage of experienced labor in this industry, errors, mistakes, shortcuts, and other problems are an inevitable consequence. Installation errors, mistakes, and damages are very common in asphalt shingle roofs – human error is perhaps a greater cause of roof problems than all other potential culprits combined.

Having successfully installed tens of thousands of squares of various roofing systems, we are familiar with the challenges that a competent roofing contractor faces, and we strive to place ourselves in the shoes of the contractor when studying these roofs and interpreting how and why installation errors, mistakes, and damages occur.

Manufacturing DefectsOther Types of Damages

Roof systems suffering from manufacturing defects are generally rare considering the enormous volume of this material produced each year.  Pinnacle Limited works with many roofing material manufacturers, and we frequently tour their assembly plants in an attempt to observe how these materials are made, where material or assembly defects may occur, and how these defects will manifest themselves once these materials are subjected to the unrelenting forces of nature. Whether cosmetic and nothing more than a nuisance or structural and a cause for concern and replacement, manufacturing processes and the defects they can cause are important to understand when studying asphalt shingle roofs. Pinnacle Limited has been involved in countless projects where problems or conditions have been misdiagnosed as manufacturing defects, hail damages, improper ventilation, normal wear and tear, installer activities, etc. There is no comprehensive list of manufacturing defects and how they occur.



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