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For those of us who grew up or currently live in tornado alley, we are often reminded of Mother Nature’s power and fury. Severe weather events such as super cell thunderstorms and the destructive tornadoes that follow are often accompanied by destructive hail.

Successfully recovering from the financial loss as a result of hail damage to your home or business can be challenging. Hail damage claims present a very unique set of challenges to the insured. Although there are a number of obstacles supporting this challenge, the fact is, there is no industry standard to how different types of roofing materials are affected by varying types of impact from varying sizes of hail. There are several factors to be considered when investigating a hail loss that most insurance companies overlook. The roofing materials age, condition, substrate density, installation method, material compositions, and geographical location, are just a few of the many variables one must consider when adjusting a hail loss. Also, the size, density, impact velocity, and consistency of the hail stones are a few more variables that have to be taken into consideration. Many experts retained by the insurance companies have tried to create a standard for hail impacts to various types of materials and membranes in an attempt to assist the insurance companies in streamlining a claims process that requires individual, loss specific attention. We have found that when insurance companies use streamline methods to create standards and reduce in-house costs, the insured is usually the one who suffers.

Through proper forensic investigation including our intrusive inspections, non destructive and destructive testing, and weather and specifications research, we are able to compile the necessary data needed to substantiate our findings and present them to your insurance company. We use leading market software to create a line item recreation of the items damaged to ensure a full, fair market value for your loss. Very few insurance adjusters’ posses the necessary experience to properly adjust commercial roof claims. They lack the industry specific field and product knowledge of the varying types of roofing materials and systems and how their chemical composition reacts to different types and sizes of hail impacts. Hail damage investigation is a very intricate process that should only be performed by qualified parties who understand the parameters of the roofing industry and the effects hail has to your specific roof type. By retaining Pinnacle Limited’s team of roofing experts, you will ensure that you have retained a qualified party to fit that mold.







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