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Four Reasons to Call Pinnacle Limited

Four Reasons to Call Pinnacle Limited

We are a performance
based company

Our Unique work product and examination procedures identify ALL damage. For over a decade, we have been conducting forensic studies on roofs of every make and design, and to date we have studied thousands of roofs. Roof failure forensics represents a major component of our business, and we pride ourselves on providing knowledgeable, legally recognized expertise on commercial roofs for the entire portfolio of roof systems, installation methods, and failure perils.

Thorough Forensic Roof Analysis, sampling, and testing ensure our clients receive a successful claims negotiation. Understanding the chemical composition and manufacturing process of the different types of roofing materials, how they age in various climates, and how they react to impact from varying sizes and velocities of hail stones allow us to pinpoint specific anomalies on the roof surface that can be sampled, analyzed, and tested for the presence of precise characteristics of a hail related impact.

At Pinnacle Limited, settling claims for the maximum amount is the rule, NOT the exception! With over 20 years of industry specific experience as a large commercial roofing contractor, we have firsthand knowledge and project specific experience when it comes to establishing a fair market value for a roof specific loss. Understanding the means and methods of commercial roof installation and identifying the existing conditions of the roof system and surrounding property are key components of ensuring that adequate allowances are included that cover the roof and other structural components.

Pinnacle Limited is a PERFORMANCE based company. We have built our reputation on superior results. Our success ratio is high because we analyze each potential project so that a specific strategy can be developed that will ensure a successful claims recovery and more money in your pocket. If we are not successful in our recovery efforts, there is no fee.

Trying to handle a complex roofing claim on your own is like going to court without an attorney.

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