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Types of ClaimsThough the "legalize" used for all insurance contracts seeks to cover any possible issue, there are some things that are nearly impossible to detect. For example, there are many cases of collapse in a structure such as a home or business that was due entirely to hidden decay or even vibration from blasts occurring nearby.

What is to be done at such times? After all, an insurance adjuster might come out and say that they have no liability for such a thing, but a good public adjuster might be able to scrutinize your policy and find language that does protect you.

What sort of language? There are now paragraphs discussing collapse or "other" coverage, and a good adjuster will be able to identify if this can lead to some sort of settlement.

The adjuster is also going to be vital in preparing the documentation for the insurance claim, submitting it and then negotiating with the insurance company for some sort of settlement on the issue in question.

Just because you did not realize the hazards of the land beneath the house or the difficulties that nearby work or construction might cause, it does not mean that your insurance should be null. A good adjuster can often stand up for you and get you some coverage.





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