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Do you know how much it would take for your business to keep running over the next six months or so? You might have a "ballpark" estimate, but unless you take the time to sit down and consider everything from "overhead" expenses to salaries for your staff, you may not realize just how much it actually requires to meet expenses. Now, how much will you make in that six month period? That is something that is nearly impossible to predict, even in the most steady or stable industries.

Thus, business interruption (or BI) insurance is one of the most challenging for adjusters to determine. Because the insurance company adjusters are going to look for any ways of reducing the "bottom line," it could mean that a BI policy does not actually get a business owner through the period that they need if some sort of disaster puts them temporarily out of business.

What is a solution to the dilemma? Actually, a public adjuster is often going to help to make the difference between solvency and business failure. They are going to be able to do an assessment of the market loss and the income loss, and negotiate with the insurance company in order to save the business as it seeks to recover.



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